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The Civil Wars Introduces Milo Greene

29 Oct

Hello and good-bye (almost) to October. I’m not sure how a month+ has passed since my last post, but I’m thrilled to have a quiet moment to write about a great performance that I saw last night at the Berklee Performance Center. Two friends of mine and I went to see The Civil Wars. I wrote about one of their songs back in a June post. And I also mentioned them in July; specifically about how sad I was to be missing them at the Newport Folk Festival. An acquaintance caught their Newport performance and raved about how fantastic they were. So, when I got the email about the upcoming show at Berklee, I was determined to get myself there. And I must say that last night’s performance was brilliant and they most certainly did not disappoint. Their voices were breathtaking, their stage presence was captivating and their banter was both witty and endearing. Most of the songs were accompanied by just Jean Paul White’s guitar (there were a few that also had Joy Williams at the piano) and their harmonies filled the theater with magnificence and an intensity that was palpabale. Sigh. Each musician has a voice that he/she uses like an instrument and the most awe-inspring piece is how their voices work so well together; creating enchanting harmonies that are woven together flawlessly. You may think that I am gushing a bit too much, but it was truly magical.

I couldn’t pick just one video to share, so here are two for you to enjoy. The first is “My Father’s Father” and the second is “20 Years”.

My Father’s Father:

20 Years:

In addition to the super performance by The Civil Wars, we also got to hear a new band that we had never heard of; Milo Greene. I liked their sound and was pleasantly surprised to enjoy an opening act as much as I did. One of my companions agreed and gave them two thumbs up, while my other friend was only luke warm. They don’t have many songs recorded yet (I think the only place you can purchase their music is on their website), but you can check out their song “1957” here:

Thanks Jean Paul & Joy for an entertaining night as well as for sharing Milo Greene with us. A most wonderful night of music.