About Me

My name is Melissa and although I can’t sing, nor can I play a musical instrument, I LOVE music and I always have. I have so many memories that are tied to certain songs. The first records (just to name a few) that I can remember listening to on my own little record player were Cat Stevens (Tea For the Tillerman),  The Beatles (The Blue Album) and Paul McCartney and Wings (Band on the Run). I must have been in kindergarten or first grade. My parents (mostly my dad) exposed me to so much amazing music and I thank him for making music such a special part of our lives. He introduced me to the “mix tape” and soon after I wanted to make my very own. Mix tapes were a way to send a musical “message” to a friend or just to pull together a collection of one’s latest and most favorite tunes. I went to lots of concerts growing up and still try to get my family to as much live music as possible.  So enough about me and let the musing begin….

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