Happy Birthday Joni!

8 Nov

I’d like to thank my brother-in-law for pointing out (on facebook) that today is Joni Mitchell’s birthday. In honor of Joni, I thought I’d post a very early recording of her song “The Circle Game”.

I’ve listened to Joni Mitchell for longer than I can remember. Although, I have no distinct first memories of discovering her music, nor do I recall having one favorite song. It just feels like her music has always been a part of my life. And what amazing music she has made. I’m sure we must have listened to her when I was growing up in the 70s, but like I said, no particular song sticks out for me. Despite this fact, her music has made quite an impression on me over the years.

In 1980, the songs “Both Sides Now” and “The Circle Game” were fused indelibly into my mind as we sang them at the weekly campfire at my overnight camp. To this day, I can still recall sitting around the warm fire with our dark blue Wingate sweatshirts and jeans, singing Joni’s beautiful lyrics.

Flash forward to 1995, when I first met my husband. I was overjoyed to have found a guy that not only knew Joni Mitchell, but liked her as much as I did. Together, we listened to the album Blue over and over again. Amazing.

And then believe it or not, Joni’s voice and music have been forever linked to the births of my two daughters. “The Circle Game” was playing when my first daughter was born and “Morning Morgantown” started playing moments after my second daughter was born. Kinda cool if you ask me. So Joni, on this day I wish you a most wonderful birthday. Thanks for the amazing music and memories you’ve given to me over the years.

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