Seek Out ‘Searching for Sugar Man’

9 Dec

For anybody who enjoys music, ‘Searching for Sugar Man’ is a must see. The story is unbelievable and quite moving. It is about Rodriguez, a musician/song writer from the early 70s, who never got any recognition here in the states. Unbeknownst to Rodriguez, he ultimately become a music legend and somewhat of a cult hero in South Africa. The movie is a look back on his life, as well as the two South African men who worked to uncover the mystery of this rock icon. I don’t want to give away too much and all I can really say is…go see this wonderful film! For a sneak peak, you can check out the trailer. You can also learn more about Rodriguez at this website. It is hard to believe that 40-something years have gone by since the release of his albums. All these years later most Americans are just learning about Rodriguez and getting to hear his music for the first time. Lucky for us that his story was told.

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