Love’s In Need Of Love Today

13 Jul

I tried publishing this post on July 9th, but WordPress would not allow me to save/publish. Here is the post…a few days later.


It has been over a year since my last post.

Too busy this past year; looking for a job and planning a major move for my family.

But the music still moves me and sometimes in the most profound ways. I have been struggling to process the events of the last few days. I’ve been reading the posts on facebook, which there are many. I have been uncertain about what to say myself or what to share that others have written. I’ve been sitting silent. Unclear on where to my find my voice. When I was driving home yesterday, I heard a cover of the amazing Stevie Wonder song, “Love’s In Need of Love Today”. It is a version that I have never heard before and I was immediately drawn in. An intense wave of sorrow rose up through my body and then came trickling out in soft gentle drops from my eyes. For now, this is my message and I share this song with you.


One Response to “Love’s In Need Of Love Today”

  1. rob kagan July 14, 2016 at 3:56 pm #

    its a great version. And you’ve got love baby. Soon you will be in Boston and find your new voice – or your old voice will make itself known again. Either way change is in the air. Love is in the air and all is good.

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