Music from Down Under

27 Feb

Greetings from Australia! The wildest thing just happened and I feel compelled to share. I’m in Australia visiting a dear friend that I used to work with when we both lived in Boston. She had to work today and the weather is rainy, so I’m spending some quiet time in her flat. I was listening to music, checking my email and all of sudden felt inspired to post to my blog. I thought it might be interesting to write about artists that hail from the land of Oz. To be honest, I rarely know where an artist/band is from and was surprised to discover that some of the songs in my playlists are the masterpieces of native Aussies. I only discovered this by googling “Australian musicians” and perusing the list. As it turns out, the exact song that I was listening to when I got the inspiration to write is sung by an Australian. I only have one song (a cover) by her and never really paid much attention to her name. The singer is Clare Bowditch and she does a beautiful rendition of Fall At My Feet, which is one of my favorite songs by Crowded House (a band with ties to both Australia and New Zealand.)

Have a listen…

1. Fall At Your Feet by Clare Bowditch.

The only recording I could find is from a performance at the Opera House. Most of the video is a black screen and the song doesn’t actually start until a little over a minute into the recording. It is not the best recording, but still worth a listen. You can find this song on a complication CD called “They Will Have Their Way” – The Songs Of Tim & Neil Finn (you can find it here.)

2. Riptide by Vance Joy.

This is a more stripped down version of the song. I didn’t really like the official video, so decided to post this one instead. If you can, try to listen the full studio version of this song as it is quite good.

3. Look What You’ve Done by Jet.

This is also a slightly stripped down version.

3 Responses to “Music from Down Under”

  1. Gail Power March 2, 2014 at 8:12 pm #

    Claire Bowditch is a legend! Others to check out include Missy Higgins, Megan Washington, Matt Corby (particularly the song Resolution) and Dave Lane. For more dance and club stuff, its Sneaky Sound System and Jessica Mauboy.

  2. Gail Power March 2, 2014 at 8:14 pm #

    And Matt Corby “brother”!

  3. rob kagan March 7, 2014 at 12:55 pm #

    I remember when I was young and discovering the cutting edge music that I loved was from Australia – Olivia Newton John, men at work and the bee gees. Boy they changed the world!!!!

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