A Day Late and a Dollar Short

21 May

Too many times I’ve intended to write about a song that I believed was going to be the next big “hit”. Alas, I get bogged down by all the “squirrels” in my life (that is what we jokingly call the pesky things that distract us and take us off into a different direction.) And as a result, I come up a day late and a dollar short.

Before the radio stations started playing Lorde’s song “Team”, I knew that it was going to be the next big hit for her after “Royals”. I also have been meaning to write about a fantastic song called “The Wire” by a Haim (rhymes with “time”). They are three sisters (one named Alana!) who have such a fun and 80s-retro kind of sound. My girls and I LOVE it. It is very upbeat and a great tune to crank up loudly. My last “day late, dollar short” song that I had intended to write about a few of months ago is called “Nothing More” by Alternate Routes. The band is from Connecticut and according to their website, “the song came together quickly and was created to help support Newtown Kindness, a non-profit organization that grew out of the tragic school shootings that happened in Newtown, CT. When you purchase “Nothing More”, half of the proceeds go to support the organization.” Additionally, Lily Costner (Kevin’s daughter) sings on this song. My guess, is that if you listen to any “pop” radio stations that you have probably already heard these three songs. If not, I guess I’m not too late to the game and I hope you enjoy them. (See links below.) 

I also wanted to share a song that I only recently heard on XM radio (The Spectrum). It is infectious, moody, catchy and overall a fantastic song. It is not quite a dance song, but it really makes me want to move and grove. Perhaps a good song to run to. I am hopeful that I am not a day late and a dollar short in sharing the song called “Stolen Dance” by Milky Chance. I think it is going to take off and be a big hit for this quirky duo from Germany. Wikepedia states that “Milky Chance is a German alternative pop folk rock duo with reggae and electronic music influences made up of Clemens Rehbein as vocalist and musician and Philipp Dausch as DJ.” I say…I LOVE THIS SONG!!!

With all of these songs, I encourage you to just listen as opposed to watching the video (I was able to find audio versions for two of the songs.) I often find that the video takes away from the experience of listening to and appreciating the song as it stands on its own. Without further ado, here are links to all of the songs mentioned in this latest entry….

Milky Chance: Stolen Dance

Lorde: Team

Haim: The Wire

Alternate Routes: Nothing More 



3 Responses to “A Day Late and a Dollar Short”

  1. rob kagan May 23, 2014 at 1:31 am #

    great song picks. I love them all. But how do you know about “squirrels?” we do not have squirrels where we live. See you at the breakfast table.

  2. Deb Dunn May 27, 2014 at 12:35 am #

    Haim: The Wire is reminiscent of Michael Jackson! That was pretty fun to listen to. I love the lyrics in Alternate Routes: Nothing More. And don’t worry about the squirrels bogging you down anymore – we have seen about a million of them in our travels and I’m pretty certain this means they have all migrated west. 😉

    • melissakagan June 2, 2014 at 7:32 pm #

      Deb- I’m glad you got a chance to read/listen while on your travels. I had not thought about MJ when listening to HAIM, but can hear it now that you mention it. Love it!

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